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    These are the instructions for anyone wanting to join SHRM and our local chapter at the same time.

    The Northeast Tennessee Chapter is an affiliate of SHRM.  Our membership is composed 100% of national SHRM members. We do not charge additional dues to belong to the local chapter. 

    To become a member of SHRM and the Northeast Tennessee Chapter

    • Go to the SHRM website at
    • Select "Join SHRM" and complete the application.
    • On the 3rd page of the application there will be a question that asks:
      • "If you are a member of a local chapter, enter the chapter information here:" At this point, enter Northeast Tennessee Chapter #190

    When you do this, it will automatically make you a member of the local chapter at the same time you join SHRM. Additionally it may give you a discount on your first year's membership fee.

    • When you join as a national member, please notify Karen Ritchie, our Membership Director, so you can begin receiving notifications regarding the local chapter meetings right away. 

    Also if you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact your local membership director at any time.

    If you are currently a member of the National SHRM Chapter, but have not designated our Chapter #190 as your primary chapter, please complete the attached form. You must be a member of National SHRM to join our local chapter.

    To designate NETSHRM chapter #190 as your primary chapter, please click here to complete the form and return it to Julie Dyer.